Børge Mogensen, the celebrated and internationally renowned Danish furniture designer, died in 1972 from a brain tumor. He was only 58. His furniture designs are no longer made in Denmark, but their production has been revived in China. Thomas Mogensen, one of Børge’s two sons, vividly describes the world of the famous architect and the strain that his professional life put on him:

“He wanted to make the chair to end all chairs. And he wanted to design the perfect closet…which he did. He spent an enormous amount of time designing these closets – a process that gave him the peace of mind he couldn’t provide for himself.” Join us on a journey back in time, to learn how one man managed to produce an vast amount of internationally recognized designs before his premature death.

Børge Mogensen – Designs for Life was chosen for the CPH:DOX film festival 2015, and was broadcast on Danish television, DRK.

The full film is available for streaming on Danish Dox! Follow the link below.


Director & cinematographer: Casper Høyberg
Co-direction: Malene Vilstrup & Thomas Mogensen
Producer: Ulrik Gutkin