Work in Progress

Interactive documentary

When the snow melts, you’ll see the dog shit.

Far beneath the Greenlandic inland ice, lies a deep secret. It has been hidden for a very long time, but now global warming may expose groundbreaking information from the Cold War and new knowledge of the co-operation between Denmark, Greenland and the USA. A true Cold War drama. 

In the interactive documentary, Project Iceworm takes us on a digital, visual journey to the Northwest of Greenland to explore the story of the “City under the Ice” – Camp Century – and the American plan to build a network of military bases and underground missiles hidden beneath the Greenlandic ice. 

The project is based on old documentary footage and new recordings made by the film crew in Greenland. It is being developed in cooperation with Planet 2030, PortaPlay and Helios Design Lab and has been supported by The Danish Ministry of Education and The Canada-Denmark Co-Development Incentive for Digital Media Projects. 


Director & planner: Thomas Aue Sobol

Cinematographer: Casper Høyberg

Digital Development: Hans von Knut Skovfoged

Producer: Ulrik Gutkin

Co-producers: Heather Grieve & Alex Wittholz