Carolina Drama - The Band


Work in Progress

An approximately seven minute long animation/ shadow - play based on 'Carolina Drama' by Jack White

A short prelude: the puppetband is hanging out on a stone in a lake outside the junk house.
Behind them, a river cuts through a cliffy mountainside. From some far-away place in the rocky wilderness,  a raft filled with primitive figures comes floating down a river. They begin to move up the mountainside above the band and gather on a high plateau - waiting for something;  as if some prehistoric force in nature has assembled to hear a story - or witness a human drama.
The vocalist/ storyteller initiates the music with his band. The characters of the story  present themselves as shadows on the walls of the junk-house.
Cutting between the animated tableaux in nature (the band, dancers etc),  and the emotionally charged shadow-play, the scenes in the house are divided in three stages: the shadows (mostly seen from the main character's point of view) moving from the groundfloor - I; up a staircase and down a hallway - II; and into the inner room where the drama intensifies - III.
The visual imagery is about capturing the energy of the music, transforming shapes - moving from the figurative to the almost abstract - deconstructed shadows collecting themselves again and melting into the organic material of the puppets; all true to the story and yet edging it in unexpected ways.  As if it can be seen on a very concrete level and a long, rhytmically enigmatic canvas at the same time.
All carried forth by the layered richness of the ballad; here a proud and primitive puppetband playing as if they were the musicians themselves.
Finally, meditating on this puzzling human drama, the prehistoric force draws back to where-ever it came from.

Stills from the work:


Director: Helene Kjeldsen
Producer: Ulrik Gutkin
Cinematographer: Casper Høyberg