'CFC Short & Doc receives funding for MISSION: AFRIKA'


October 10, 2016/in DOCUMENTARY, NEWS


CFC Short & Doc receives funding from DFI, DR and Danida to produce a documentary film on 100 years of Christian missionary work in Africa.

The documentary, MISSION: AFRICA is the story of the Danish missionary work in Africa seen through the eyes of Niels Brønnum. A Danish doctor and pioneering missionary, he went to the land of demons, Nigeria, in 1913 to build a bulwark against Islam. However, experiencing Africa first hand changed Brønnum, and it didn’t take long for the militant tone to vanish and for him to become sincerely interested in the African people and their culture. Throughout the next 100 years, Western missionaries will help create the modern Africa, building schools and hospitals. But who is redeeming whom and what price have the African people paid to get a piece of the Christian welfare?

MISSION: AFRICA combines the nostalgia of the archive material and its, at times, unintended humor with new interviews with Danes and Africans that reflect on how the work of the church affected their lives. The film is directed by Morten Vest and will be shown on Danish television in the fall of 2017.