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January 2, 2014/in DOCUMENTARY, NEWS


Madame Soeborg’s Sense of Life  – the story of a very outspoken old lady.

Anne-Marie Soeborg is 95 years old, cultural-radical, and lives in Copenhagen. Lying in bed, receiving visitors and drinking Manhattans, Anne-Marie has strong opinions on everything and a grotesque sense of humor. Her grand-daughter, Anna-Katarina, travels the world, filming for the New York Times, and her daughter, Anne-Mette, works as a pastor, despite having lost a leg and an arm in a car accident. The three women are living together – an arrangement that has lasted for six generations. Men are wonderful, but only for show and fun. We join Anne-Marie at her bedside for her 95th birthday and witness the revelation of family secrets.

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Madam Soeborg’s Sense of Life is the story of three strong and independent women. To the sounds of yesteryear playing from the old B&O reel-to-reel in the living room, the viewers are led into an enchanting Copenhagen universe of canapés and theatre shows from olden days.

The film is the first in a trilogy on three generations of charismatic women.

Madam Soeborg’s Sense of Life
January 2nd 2014, 20:30 at DR1

Planner: Anna Elisabeth Jessen
Producer: Ulrik Gutkin
Editor: Steen Johannesen
Cast: Anne-Marie Soeborg, Anne-Mette Gravgaard, og Anna-Katarina Gravgaard

Produced by COPENHAGEN FILM COMPANY for DR1 and funded by The Velux Foundation and The A.P. Moller and Chastine Mc-Kinney Moller Foundation for General Purposes.