'New Documentary Series on Danish Women in the Resistance'

October 3, 2012/in DOCUMENTARY, NEWS


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Hedda was a railway saboteur and carried explosives meant for the destruction of factories. Gertrud and Annie carried letters and weapons for the Jutlandic Resistance and helped hide and transport parachute agents, and Lis worked printing illegal books in Copenhagen. Others were illegal hostesses for Jews and other members of the Resistance, tracked down informers, or produced false identity cards.

The documentary series, Danish Women in the Resistance is based on the personal stories of nine women. Dramatic stories of heroic deeds and ethical dilemmas, of dangerous journeys with suitcases full of explosives, of friends betrayed and executed or murdered in German concentration camps. In the third episode, Benthe, Lis, Else, Karen and Dorthe tell how they were arrested by the Gestapo, put through tough interrogations and shipped off to the Frøslev Prison Camp, near the German border.

“Our image of the women in those times is often very stereotypical, but especially the young women wanted more out of life than just being housewives. We, Li Vilstrup and I, hope that the series will help change the perception of the fight for freedom in Denmark during the German Occupation. The Danish Resistance was a joint affair – not only fought by the men. We wish to recognize Lis, Karen, Hedda and the other women as heroines, and hope that they will serve as role models for the young women of today,” says Pia Fris Laneth. “The Danish Resistance was not just an army of young men in cotton coats!”

Knowingly or unknowingly, the women in the Resistance rebelled against the very conservative attitudes on feminine behavior and the female nature. At the same time, these attitudes served as protection, because neither the Danish Police nor the Germans believed that women would do such things.

“These women are very unassuming, and this may very well be the reason why we know so little of them today. However, they are also very humorous women, looking back on their youth, telling how the fear of being caught by the Germans was also a fear of being caught without clean underwear or sanitary towels or getting separated from their latest crush”, says Pia Fris Laneth.

The first episode of the series will be shown on DR K, Wednesday, October 3, 2012 at 20:00. The second and third episode will be shown October 10 and October 17, also at 20.00.

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For more information please call the producers, Casper Høyberg 26 24 17 03, or Ulrik Gutkin, 40 71 72 77.