'New Ways of Fundraising: Green Deserts'

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It took director Per Liebeck just 30 days to succeed in raising $35,000 through the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. The money is earmarked for the documentary film Green Deserts – There Will Be Water, and will help fund another year of filming and post production.

”I am deeply grateful to the 217 Kickstarter backers who have made this possible. I am convinced that the dedicated idealists of the Sahara Forest Team are on to something environmentally right, and I can’t wait to tell the world about their optimistic and tireless attempts to turn the deserts green and to grow crops in some of the driest regions in the world.”

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Is the Sahara Forest Team just a bunch of crazy idealists or will they succeed in greening the deserts? Can you turn seawater into freshwater while at the same time create renewable energy by means of the sun? Will it be possible to get this project to market and into society so that the whole world might benefit? Or will the Sahara Forest technology remain in the hands of the privileged few? And could the project in the extreme help prevent a potential water war in the Middle East?

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To answer these questions, the film crew plans to follow the project for at least another year.

Watch the trailer and learn some more about Kickstarter