'Parents just don’t understand!'

February 7, 2017/in NEWS, SHORTS


Each year in February, more than 120 countries around the world celebrate the Safer Internet Day. To mark the day, CFC Short & Doc has produced three campaign films for the Danish Media Council for Children and Young People. This year, the council is focusing on parents as digital role models: How do they communicate online? Do they share private pictures of their children without consent? Do they at all understand their children’s online behavior? Are we facing a digital generation gap?

The first film in the series, Uploaded, featuring Ditte Hansen as the mother who does everything wrong, will premiere on Safer Internet Day, February 7. The second, Weekend Coziness, will launch February 17, and the last film, Privacy, will premiere on the Danish School Welfare Day, March 3. All the films will be launched on the website and Facebook page of medieraadet.dk, on the Kids News channels and on Biblo.dk.