'Reality is the Most Beautiful Adventure'

September 1, 2012/in NEWS,


The children’s film Thea and the Wild River is the poetic story of three-year-old Thea, who is camping in the French mountains with her parents and her older sister. Thea can make wishes come true, and turns the river magic.

Jacob Wellendorf and Catherine Kunze are renowned for making aesthetic and slow-paced films, shot at the eye level of children – films that capture the true essence of childhood. Their special visual style and sensuality perfectly describe what camping life is like in France, with its unique characters and humorous situations.


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Thea and her family are camping in the hilly countryside of France, among French campers with backpacks, tents, mobile homes, motorcycles and donkeys. Thea is looking forward to going swimming in the river with her big sister. But her sister finds a French friend, completely forgets about Thea, going swimming with her friend instead. Luckily, Thea has a special gift!


The two directors used their own children as “raw material” when making the film. ”When creating an extraordinary children’s universe, we are inspired by our children’s thoughts, ideas and spontaneous whims and fancies. Children have a fabulous gift of philosophical thinking.”

“We want to make films of a high artistic and aesthetic quality. Children are often underrated. They are actually very sensual, attentive and perfectly capable of dwelling on a slow-paced story,” say Jacob Wellendorf and Catherine Kunze.

Thea and the Wild River will open at the Buster Film Festival, Sept. 13 – 23, 2012. After the opening at Buster, the film can be seen at Filmstriben.dk. The Danish Film Institute will show the film in October in “Børnebiffen” (children’s cinema) at Cinemateket in Copenhagen. DR will broadcast the film in the beginning of 2013 on DR 1 and Ramasjang.

The film was funded by The Danish Film Institute, DR, The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, and The Nordic Film and TV Fund.

Watch scenes from the film.