'Three powerful documentaries showing on DR1 in June'

June 3, 2015/in DOCUMENTARY, NEWS


In 2015, Denmark is celebrating the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage. Since an amendment of the Danish Constitution a 100 years ago gave women the right to vote, female living conditions in terms of economy, family, and social life have changed drastically.

In three documentaries showing on DR1, we meet three generations of women from three very different families in Southern Jutland, Funen and Copenhagen; a family with a national/royal disposition living in the countryside, an Iranian family living on Funen, and a cultural-radical family living in Copenhagen. The three documentaries combined tell a compelling story of female life in Denmark throughout the past 100 years. Read more and see trailers below.

Produced by Copenhagen Film Company, Short & Doc.
Director: Anna Elisabeth Jessen
Cinematographer: Lars Schou
Sound: Martin Saabye
Editor: Steen Johannese
Producer: Ulrik Gutkin

Monday, June 15, 20:45


Michelle would not mind wearing a scarf if she had to go to Iran. She is born and bred in Denmark and she has led a life very different from that of her Iranian mother and grandmother. Nobody is going to tell them to cover up their hair! Michelle’s mother, Hilda, fled to Denmark when she was 21 in pursuit of a life like the one the Danes live in their peaceful single-family houses. Two years after, Hilda’s parents, grandmother and little brother followed her to Denmark, but life did not quite turn out the way they hoped.

Monday, June 22, 20:45


Anne-Marie Soeborg is 95 years old, cultural-radical, and lives in Copenhagen. Lying in bed, receiving visitors and drinking Manhattans, Anne-Marie has strong opinions on everything and a grotesque sense of humor.