'Unbiased Documentary on Women’s Lives awarded at Iranian Film Festival'

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January 25, 2013/in NEWS, DOCUMENTARY,


SHE SINGS is the story of 19 year old Dechen, who dreams of becoming a famous singer. Dechen has recently been selected to participate in the Bhutanese version of X-Factor, and as the competition progresses we follow Dechen in her search for female role-models and an identity of her own. A quest that confronts her with ancient stories of mermaids and curses of the past.

The critics called the film “a unique story from a secluded country” – a film that depicts a great deal of present day Bhutan as well as the historic background of the formerly “closed” country.

SHE SINGS was awarded because of the magnificent virtuosity of the filmic landscapes. When producing the film, it was Caroline Sascha Cogez’s ambition to work with an artistic approach to cinematic language. Colored light and smoke were used to create a dreamworld – the borderland between the consciousness and the collective unconsciousness – between the past and the present.

In 2012, the film was on cinema tour in Denmark. On February 1st, 2013 it will be shown in Brussels in Cinema Nova, and on February 7th, 2013 at the Glasgow International Film Festival. At this film festival Caroline will also be showing five of her short films. The film will also be shown at the Tisvilde Cinema on February 27th.

The film also includes educational material made for Upper Secondary School and Higher Preparatory Examination Course.

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