Anna Elisabeth Gonge has lived her whole life in Southern Jutland and despite great family tragedies, she has managed to keep up her good spirits and a sunny disposition. A Sunny Disposition is the story of Anna Elisabeth from when she was born in a small village in Southern Jutland in 1924 up until today where she is celebrating her 90th birthday with her family and friends in the old border inn in Christiansfeld.

The film was broadcast on Danish television, DR1, in June, 2015 and has been supported by: 

The A.P. Moeller Foundation, the Velux Foundation, Jorcks Foundation, the Frimodt-Heinike Foundation og the DSI Foundation


Director: Anna Elisabeth Jessen
Cinematographer: Lars Schou
Editor: Boaz Heller
Sound Editing: Martin Saabye
Producer: Ulrik Gutkin