Six-year-old Oliver, his friends and the bee-keeper tell about the course of the year among honey bees. The camera follows the amazing life of the bees at close range, outside in the bright and blooming nature and inside the well- organized secret life of the dark hive. The queen bee only leaves the hive once to mate. After her mating flight she will lay eggs continuously for 3-5 years.

We see larvae, nurse bees, buzzing bees, dancing bees, cleaning bees, collecting bees, and building bees. The bees feed on the pollen and sweet juices of the flowers, and are always on the hunt for new floral kingdoms. While gathering nectar and pollen, the bees pollinate the flowers, enabling the plants to produce seeds and fruits. In order to bring home one drop of honey, a bee must visit 1000 flowers. This has been the bee’s way of life for millions of years.


Director: Laila Hodell
Cinematographer: Casper Høyberg


The documentary received a “Robert” award for best Danish documentary in 2005, and was included in the most prestigious Film Festival in the world, Idfa in Amsterdam.