Katja, aged 16, and Cathrine, aged 8, both have a special relationship to music, nature, and the human senses in general. Katja and Cathrine are blind but the girls have managed to develop their other senses and are using them better than most others. Within My Eyes portrays the two girls and their perception of the world, a world that — though different from ours — is just as rich and filled with impressions as the world of the non-visually impaired. Though not many words are spoken, the film is filled with intense feelings, inviting the viewers to use their imagination and experience the world in a new manner.


Director: Erland E. Mo
Cinematographer: Casper Høyberg
Editor: Line Schou Hillerbrand
Producer: Lise Lense Møller


Within My Eyes was the winner of three major awards, including the prestigious Silver Cup award, at IDFA.