Work in progress
Short film series

A series of short films that focuses on the destruction of landscapes, endangered species and modern mankind’s connection with nature, forming a string of poetic thrillers told from an organic point of view.

Selecting just a few ‘cases’ from the endless list of threatened species - and the pollution in general, this project aims to give nature itself a voice of protest, animating it through tableaux of haunting puppets, grungy musicians, dancers and cave-art figures which draw largely upon mythical and archaic material.

Documentary footage, wild-life shots and animation are tightly inter-woven in seven short tales as each film centers on a certain topic. The particular story is conveyed by animated storytellers – loosely inspired by mythological figures and spirits in cave-art settings; their surroundings associated with prehistoric structures, shapes and shadows of the other-world.

And it is from their point of view that we see the pollution and destruction of nature. By edging this perspective, these approximately 15 minute long independent fables stand as rhythmical and rough reminders of a time when nature was worshipped and spiritual qualities bestowed on it - in glaring contrast to modern society’s industrial exploitation where whole eco-systems have become dumping grounds for toxic waste.

It juxtaposes natural and factual documentary with semi-abstract, lyrical animation casting the melancholic shadow of destruction and predicted extinction. But at the core of the project, there is an enticing rhythm; Nature’s own spirits rising from some stone-age or timeless place, appealing to the sense of mystery - and common sense - in human nature.

The project as a whole, questions big-business’ puzzling mantra of sustainability, cutting through to the real costs of a rip and replace culture. Bleak as the future might seem though, these tales close on an open, poetic note - stressing the fact that still there is hope - to move in another direction; of cleaning up our nature.


Director: Helene Kjeldsen

Producer: Ulrik Gutkin

Cinematographer: Casper Høyberg