Work in Progress

Full feature documentary film

In 1721, the Danish missionary, Hans Egede, under orders of King Frederik IV travelled to Greenland, and with the establishment of the Hope Colony laid the foundation of the Danish colonization of Greenland. Today, however, nearly 300 years later, the winds of independency are blowing, and a large part of the young Greenlandic generation wants to break away from the old colonial power. With the film, Declare Independence, director Kenneth Sorento lends a voice to the new generations of Greenlanders and sets off the debate of identity and independency in Greenland. 

The film has – among others - been supported by DR and DFI and will be finished in 2020.


Director and cinematographer: Kenneth Sorento

Assisting Director: Malik Kleist in co-operation with Paninoir and Jørgen Chemnitz

Producer: Ulrik Gutkin