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Work in Progress

I was born in 1978, 33 years after WW 2 ended – at a safe distance. And still my own family story is like a mirror of the 20th century’s biggest trauma. Even though I was born at a safe distance, it almost seemed I was still part of the war somehow … Or maybe the war never ended in my family? The problem was that my father who was a son of Jewish holocaust survivors married my mother who was German – in the mind of my grandmother he married the enemy.

The film evolves around the traumas of my grandparents and the shadows their past cast upon my family even today. Their personal story was always the elephant in the room, something that was so big you couldn’t oversee it, taking up all the space, leaving minimum room for anything or anyone else. Sometimes it can take generations to overcome a trauma and to step out of the shadow. The ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM is a present time story about the attempt of freeing yourself and your family from the ties of the past. The film has been developed at the Twelve for the Future Workshop 2015/2016 and has received funding from DR, SVT and the Danish Film Institute.


Director: Susanne Kovács
Cinematographer: Casper Høyberg
Producer: Ulrik Gutkin